Ways to Combing Hair

Every day we comb our hair several times, without even thinking about what harm it does to them. The point is that each combing leads to the opening of scales of curl, thereby it is damaged and becomes brittle.

But we can not comb, as today, fortunately, the society does not recognize untidiness and untidiness. Therefore, we have to use the comb no matter what. And in order to at least somehow reduce the likelihood of damage to the hair, comb it correctly.

This should be done from the top down with neat, smooth movements. If the hair is very confused, you can use some kind of emollient that will easily allow you to get rid of the tangled hair. And that during this procedure to bring curls more benefit than harm, you can use essential oil. You can take absolutely any essential oil that you have at home.

Literally, a few drops of oil should be applied to a wooden comb and begin to comb her hair. Use this metal comb is not worth it since it promotes oxidation and your curls will suffer greatly from this procedure. Do not brush your hair too often. This also leads to their damage. 2-4 times a day is enough.

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