Stylish Haircuts for Long Curly Hair

Wavy graceful curls at all times were considered a sign of femininity and refinement. But, since the naturalness is included in the fashion, the well-fixed strands hairs to the hairs give way to elegantly negligent waves and asymmetry. Haircuts for long curly hair also did not escape this trend.

Indeed, why do some people have smooth and smooth strings, while others have curls in their hair? It turns out that this issue has long been of interest to scientists.

After examining different types of hair under a microscope, it became clear that their shape could be different. Strands with a circular cross-section are often more rigid.

Different in shape can be hair follicles. If they are straight, then the hair will not curl. In the wavy curls, the bulbs are bent and grow at an inclination.

If you want the strands to look less curly, do not do multi-layer haircuts.

Widely used are also combinations of haircuts and combining several techniques at once.

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