Styling of Curly Hair

Many girls want to change the image and ask; how to lay and how to straighten curly hair?

Here it is worth remembering that in the absence of good quality haircuts you can hardly do a beautiful styling. This will tell you the best options for styling. Remember that this hair should be watched very carefully.

Before you cut your hair, you should use some recommendations:

  1. You do not need to cut hair unnecessarily short, because long curly locks look much more beautiful, besides they give room for experiments with styling. In addition, the natural weight makes the strands more docile and smooth, which makes it easier to lay them.
  2. Experts recommend doing multi-level haircuts. Since curly strands are very large, it is the haircut in layers that make it possible to make them obedient and will facilitate the laying processes.

Additional care

Use the following tips to know how to care for your hair:

  • Replace the massage brush with a comb with sparse denticles.
  • In the process of how to lay curls, comb the locks with your fingers, which will help to form beautiful curls.
  • Buy yourself a few rims for your hair.
  • Replenish your collection of hair care products with smoothing styling and hot spray for styling.

For straightening, use only a good quality iron, which is equipped with a ceramic coating and the ability to adjust the temperature.

If you provide both proper care and caring for your hair, they will surely thank you for your health and luxurious appearance. Use all our tips and recommendations, and then your locks will be obedient and healthy.

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