Routine for Dry, Curly and Fine Hair

Before giving you my hair routine, I want to clarify that my hair is of fine nature, dry and curly. This type of hair requires care, hydration and nutrition all the time (for girls who can not tell the difference, here is my article  Hydrate or feed?)

Before the shampoo

Before each shampoo, I usually apply two treatments. I try to do it before each wash, the key is the assiduity and continuity of the application!

  • An oil bath for the scalp, invigorating and stimulating for hair growth . It is an oily serum that I made myself, based on castor oil , nigella and rosemary. I already used it last year and I just took it back for this autumn winter 🙂
  • At first, I was doing a nourishing oil bath on the lengths . And for that, nothing better than the vegetable oil of coconut (or monoi 🙂which feels even more good in my opinion). Why ? Simply because it is nourishing, emollient and it is the only one to penetrate the hair fiber (More info in the article: An oil that penetrates the hair? ). Nevertheless, I replaced it with my moisturizing and nourishing mask to bring more flexibility and softness and it works better!

The shampoo

From two shampoos, I switched to one shampoo a week! I think the key is to choose shampoos with mild surfactants, which do not attack the hair (and therefore avoid having it re-grease faster). Currently, I’m in love with Keratin shampoo and Lavera rose for dry hair! It is remarkably soft and cleans the oil baths very well. Plus, its exquisite smell of rose😉

The after-shampoo (better, the mask!)

Since I wash my hair once a week, I chose not to invest in a conditioner simply detangler, but in a mask after shampoo to feed / moisturize deeply. Not only does a mask untangle the hair and make it easier to brush in the shower (my hair is curly, I can not do otherwise), but it can also provide hydration and shine. Do not skip this step, especially if you do not pre-shampoo.

If you follow me on social networks, you already know that I can not do without the basic Aromazone hair mask I love it because it brings hydration, nutrition and shine (knowing that it costs 6 euros for 250ml of product).

Hair styling

After the shower, I apply a little  aloe vera gel to texturize my hair and define my curls. Then I lightly apply a dry oil on the lengths (far from the scalp) to keep them well nourished and prevent the appearance of the forks. My favorite vegetable oils for this use are macadamia , broccoli and  piqui !

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that especially, he gave you some ideas 🙂 Feel free to share with me in comment your tips to keep beautiful hair!

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