Proper Nutrition of Hair

As you know, the health of a person’s body largely depends on how correctly and variously he eats, the same can be said about the condition of the hair. With the help of proper nutrition and care, you can achieve stunning results and eliminate many different ailments.

If the hair is dry

If this is not the external reason for the constant use of a hair dryer, plaque, etc. This may indicate that the body receives an insufficient amount of fat, this is often observed in those who sit on diets. If the problem of dryness is not resolved in time, over time, hair can begin to deteriorate. Try to include in your diet more walnuts, sunflower seeds, fish fatty varieties (salmon, mackerel). Such food will help you cope with dry hair in a fairly short time.

If the hair quickly fries

This can be the cause of love for a variety of spicy foods and various spices (curry, chili, etc.), the scalp because of them sweats profusely, which causes later fatty hair. If you encounter such a problem, try to limit yourself from the consumption of spicy foods.

If the hair is thin and weak

Thinning and weakening of hair, suggests that the body lacks iron. Increase the intake of food rich in iron, it will help not only your hair, but the whole body. Particularly rich in iron are beef, buckwheat, as well as green vegetables and apples.

If the hair is too dim

The gloss of hair is a clear sign of health. If the hair is dull and lacks shine, this may indicate a lack of protein, and for the hair, protein is simply necessary. Try to consume at least 75 mg of protein per kg of your weight per day. The protein is found in eggs, beans, meat and dairy products.

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