Proper for Caring Curly Hair

There are professional lines of various cosmetics for the care of curls. And although they are much more expensive than other shampoos and conditioners, there are pluses from their use and even considerable ones. The fact is that after using them, the hair is easier to fit, become softer and more obedient.

If you have hard curls, be sure to include in the shampoo such natural ingredients as jojoba or coconut oil, white lotus extracts or cornflower flowers. But from shampoos, giving additional volume, it is better to refuse.

When drying, it is desirable to abandon the dryer. The natural way the hair dries longer, but have a healthy appearance and you can form beautiful curls. After washing, gently pat the hair with a towel. To rub and squeeze, twisting the hair in a tourniquet is not recommended. When they are almost dry, you can apply the gel. It is allowed to wind the strands on the finger and fix them with a barrette near the head until it dries completely. After that, the curls will be separated from each other.

To choose a comb for curly hair should also be approached wisely. The best comb is a comb with sparse denticles, made of antistatic materials.

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