Our Tips Coloring For Curly Hair

Do you want to change your mind or camouflage your white hair ? Coloring is the solution. But for curly hair, some precautions must be taken. We’ll explain everything.

Permanent Colouring
His assets. It allows you to completely change your look, offers a variety of colors and perfectly camouflages white hair. As curly hair has a rather dry and dense nature, it is important to hydrate them well so that they do not become brittle and full of frizz. Choose colors with an argan oil that nourishes the fibre in depth.

How to make it ?
Permanent dyes do not allow to go back to the original color of the hair, they completely transform it. The only way to get back to the basic color is to let your hair grow and cut the tips as you go. Most of the time, if the afros hair is dark, a discoloration step will be required for the chosen color to give the desired result. Without discolouration, you may end up with simple reflections, or no change at all. Better to avoid damage and go to a hairdresser specializing in coloring in an afros hair salon : they know perfectly the texture of this type of hair.

Semi-Permanent Colouring or Tone on Tone
His assets. If you do your colo at home, the semi-permanent ones are a good alternative because in case of a miss, it only takes a few shampoos for them to fade gradually. A good solution for frizzy hair takes a long time to grow, due to their many tight little curls. Another important advantage is that they are much less aggressive than permanent stains.

How to make it ?
The application is the same as for permanent colouring, so it allows to train without taking too much risk. Semi-permanent staining has no lightening effect, and is therefore more suited to reflections brought to the natural color, or to staining in the same tones, but not to make a radical color change. It is made for a natural result, subtle, elegant, without root effect. For white hair, coverage is less effective than with permanent stains, but can be interesting for hair that has only a few.

His assets. Known since the dawn of time for coloring hair, it is also a magic care for fragile hair materials, dry and brittle, as can be afros hair. Its colour ranging from orange to brown, passing by the famous red brick, gives a natural look but that is noticed. It does not change the natural pigmentation as it coats the hair and thus protects it from external aggressions. It is therefore the ideal solution for coloring kinky hair that needs to be pampered.

His weaknesses
There are, however, a few disadvantages to using henna : there is little choice of colors, and a regular renewal because it disappears after only a few shampoos. Also, it cannot be used due to total or partial discolouration, at the risk of its hair turning green. I mean, for white hair, it won’t be enough.

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