Masks for Curly Hair

Experts have proven that hair structure and shape are transferred genetically from the beginning. It is believed that curly curls are more prone to lose and brittleness, this is due to the presence of a certain hormone in large quantities, which is programmed curly.

In order to slightly tame the naughty interwoven hair at home often used various masks and special natural shampoos. Very good help banana mask, this is said by the advice of African Americans who know a lot about grooming curly hair. One fruit three on a grater or grind in a blender. This muffin is mixed with sour cream and olive oil, take one spoonful and apply to the surface of the head. We are waiting for 20 minutes, after washing off. Sometime after the procedure, do not use shampoo let olive oil soak into the skin, it will moisturize it and prevent dandruff. A similar mask helps fight excessive fatty strands. The base is also prepared, but a spoonful of high-fat sour cream is added to feed the curls.

Another fruit mask is based on a very exotic fruit avocado. It produces excellent nourishing masks, which are widely used for any type of strands. It is necessary to clean the fruit from the peel and grind it. Again, add a spoonful of olive oil, or even better, almond or coconut.

After the resulting mixture carefully distribute the hair with a rare comb. Such a mask well nourishes the curls, makes them more elastic and obedient, slightly smoothes out curly hair, and ensures proper care.

For red curly hair, a caroten mask from a raw carrot will be very effective. Fresh vegetable mine and grate it, squeeze out the juice from it, and mix this liquid with a minty broth and apply it to the hair. Hold for half an hour. If you need to lighten your hair, then add a little chamomile broth (three spoonfuls to a glass of boiling water). Many forums very much praise this mixture.

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