How to Wash Curly Hair at Home?

The owners of curly hair can be considered real lucky, who by nature got magnificent curls. Girls with curly hair find new tricks about proper care, and it’s no wonder. In most cases, hair of this kind combined, that is, the tips are dry, roots are fat. Hence, there is a need for a competent approach, which is far from available to everyone. We will discuss the important aspects in order.

How to wash curly hair correctly?

Even if you have oily hair, do not wash your head every day. Since the presence of curls assumes a radical volume “by default”, the fat content will not be visible. Hair washing every day harms the work of sebaceous glands, damaging the protective layer. Do not spend more than 2-3 times a week.

Use a special diffuser to shape the curly hair. They are located at a distance from each other, which allows achieving uniform drying. Switch on the fan only for cold airflow.

Apply the only shampoo to hair follicles to relieve excess oiliness while washing your hair. Perform manipulations in 2 repetitions. For the entire length of the mop, distribute the caring balm. Never use 2-in-1 products, they expose hair to dryness and cross-section.

After washing your head, do not brush your hair. Leave them to dry completely after a light towel treatment. You do not need to rub the strands very much, to collect moisture sufficiently neatly to squeeze them into a fist.

After bathing in the sea, river or pool, rinse curls with plain water. When visiting the thermal complex (sauna and bath), wear a special hat.

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