How to Style Curly Hair at Home?

Use means with thermal protection. Distribute them to wet or damp hair, but in any case not on dry. The product must be used before drying with a hair dryer or other stoves using heat appliances.

Do not overdo the amount of the composition. It makes the hair rough and wooden, the curls will look untidy. You can combine a protective spray with a serum for tips that have the same properties.

If it is necessary to fix already formed strands, use mousse for masonry. Spread the foam over the surface of the palms, rub into a thin layer. Begin to crumple curls into a fist, rising from the tips to the roots. After that, dry your hair, sprinkle with varnish.

It is recommended that you use a spray that is water-laden to shape your hair. And you can also try burdock oil, pharmacy vitamin A in ampoules. Pour into a bottle with a spray gun, shake before spraying.

Do not clasp your hair with barrettes with iron teeth. They injure the structure, causing the hair severely injured. Buy magnetic accessories for hair, use crabs.

Curly-haired women usually want to straighten their folds themselves. This is a terrible mistake. If you do so, the curls will re-curl and the healthy forms will suffer. We recommend to completely eliminate the use of ironing. Better make keratin straightening.

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