How to Make Your Hair Curly Yourself?

A female hairstyle cannot be imagined without playful curls, and we will try to give some tips on how to make hair curly on its own. Curls give a magnificent volume to the hair and emphasize the virtues of well-groomed shiny strands. Locks at all times were considered an ornament of the female image, not an exception to modern hairstyles. Along with the laconic practical haircuts, there are romantic curls. Once making curls, girls can not abandon them. How can you quickly make locks or thin curls on your own at home? We will talk about this.


The result of the curl depends on the structure of the hair, the density of the hair, the way of winding, and so on. On hair with the same method, you can get steep spirals, and on others large waves. But in any case, your efforts will not be wasted, and you will look like a king.

Soft waves on long hair

We use an elastic band for the Greek hairstyle. Wash your hair, dry it with a towel, dissolve and wait for ten minutes. Put on an elastic band, and slightly wet strands wind in turns on it. Previously, each strand folds a bundle. Gently hide the ends under the elastic, so that after drying the hair they do not stick out.

The comb-brush

It will help quickly wind the short hair. It is necessary to put on a clean wet hair foam for styling or mousse. True, we can not do without a hairdryer. But if you make a jet of air cool or warm, your hair will not suffer. We divide the hair into large strands, each we process separately.

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