How to Make Curly Hair Obedient?

In fact, curly hair is often more whimsical than straight ones. At any convenient opportunity, they also strive to get confused, electrified and simply turn into a formless nest. Experts advise adhering to the following simple rules.

Due to the peculiarities of the structure (porous structure, scales of the cuticle that are unevenly adjacent to each other), curly locks from nature are usually dry. Hence their constant desire to break down and crumble. Therefore, the main point of care for such hair is moisturizing and nutrition. Choose shampoos and conditioners for curly hair. If those are not in the line of your favorite brand, feel free to take funds for the dry.

To make a nice neat curl, apply on wet hair from the middle of the length of the nutrient oil, indelible conditioner or serum. Distribute the tool with your hands and form the curls, winding the hair on your finger.

On the curls, the split ends are more noticeable. Therefore, they need to be catered regularly and trimmed every three months. A regular visit to the salon is an important point of solving the problem, how to care for disobedient curly hair.

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