How to Dry Curly Hair?

If possible, allow hair to dry naturally. This way you eliminate the severe damage that occurs when using a hairdryer.

In rare cases, you can resort to drying the diffuser, exposing the cold blowing and weak power. Direct the jet, not at the tips, but at the roots, to create the maximum volume.

If you need to do the styling all the time, get a thermal hair protection in a professional hairdresser’s shop. These products can be purchased in gel or spray form. It creates a film that prevents your hair from overheating and breaking when you apply it.

You can dry strands in a combined method. To do this, after washing, collect the moisture with a towel, then squeeze curls into a fist, forming curls. When the hair is slightly dry (after half an hour), treat them with a diffuser at the roots.

If you can afford to wash and dry your hair in a beauty salon, use this. Hairdressers are equipped with an ultraviolet hood, which accurately retains the shape of the curls. After the procedure, the curls are not divided into thin strands and hairs.

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