How to Cut Curly Hair?

Owners of curly hair need to pick up their own master, who is familiar with the nuances of cutting curly ringlets. Strongly it is not recommended to mend strands or to remove the top layer of a stench with a hairdresser’s razor.

A competent specialist knows that cutting curly hair is done only on dry strands. Work requires attention to detail and patience, a beginner can not do such manipulations.

To date, there are many options for haircuts for curly hair. To simplify the styling and give volume to fine hair, shorten them with a cascade or a ladder.

If you have a round or oval face with distinct cheekbones, do not make a straight bang. You can give it a different shape, for example, cut it diagonally or in the form of steps. It is important to note that the bangs on curly hair need constant straightening.

Beautiful styling can be done by yourself. For this, it is necessary to treat the parietal and occipital mousse with mousse, then moisten them with water and dry with a diffuser. This will produce an impressive volume, which is enough to fix the varnish.

Curly hair needs a constant haircut. Attend the hairdresser when you see that the tips have started to be seared. In this way, you will accelerate growth, if possible, do a haircut with hot scissors.

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