How Do You Cut a Child’s Curly Hair ?

Before cutting the curly hair of a child, you must learn the technique, which is not at all the same as for smooth or straight hair. Without mastery of these techniques, to say the least, the child is likely to end up with frizz or multiple stairs. Let’s take stock before we arm ourselves with a pair of scissors !

Using the right equipment to cut curly hair…

It is imperative to prepare everything on the table or the work plan before starting anything. To do this, the necessary equipment will be the following :
– a very sharp pair of scissors
– a wide tooth comb
– hair clips or hair buckles
= > It is not recommended to use razors that promote the frizz effect on curly hair. The child may not like his new haircut.

Unravelling the child’s curly hair…

Depending on the age of the child, it is better to go quickly to disentangle his hair than to make him wait for many minutes on his chair. It is easier to disentangle slightly dampened hair. Next, use the wide tooth comb and unravel the entire hair. To get rid of a recalcitrant knot, it is possible to cut it a little or to go gradually.

Curly hair: The Cut…

Whether it is a girl or a boy with curly hair, it is best to work dry hair. So to sum up :
– disentangling of curly hair: on wet hair
– curly hair: on dry hair
The length differs when the hair is wet or dry, and this helps to avoid any mistakes.
If the child has just washed his or her head, unravel the hair as long as it is moist, then dry it before starting the cut.

The Technique of Cutting…

The hair must be separated into strands, which will be twisted or braided. The bars keep each braid or twist in place before it is cut. Then cut the points of each twist on the whole head.
For a larger volume, take the wide tooth comb and stretch a wide strand of hair, which should be stretched to the maximum. The cut is made at the base of the comb which acts as a reference. The brush creates frizz, so you don’t need it. Simply repeat this method on the entire hair, according to the desired cut.


To obtain a professional, clean and smooth cut for your child, it is advisable to seek the help of a hairdresser. It is often difficult to cut the hair of their offspring, especially if they are curly.

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