Hair Perm on Large Curls

Owners of straight braces often complain that it is very difficult to make a hair out of them. After all, even with a lot of varnish curls, curled on ordinary curlers or curling iron, straighten too quickly. Of course, the chemical wave of hair on large curls helps to cope with the problem, but this method has its own pitfalls.

Before deciding on a radical transformation, one should know the principle of the action of a perm. The effect on the structure of the hair during this procedure occurs twice.

Before the beginning of the procedure, the master conducts a small test for the individual tolerability of chemical reagents.

Curls are rather taut, the effect on thin and light hair lasts up to 3 months.

Curls during biovalving are not too tight and straightened only after 1-3 months.

The final result depends not only on the composition used but also on the general state of the organism.

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