Features of Curly Hair

It’s impossible to take care of curly hair, if you do not know the peculiarities of their structure and why the hair curls. The thing is that the structure of curly locks is somewhat different from straight strands. Curly hair is oval in shape, unlike the straight one, and it is through this that it twists into a spiral.

Despite the fact that the ladies, whose hair is curling, seem to possess very fluffy head of hair, in fact, they have a little less hair than those who own straight strands.

Hair follicles are sacs, of which curls grow, over the entire head of curls up to 100,000 pieces, but the owners of straight curls have up to 120,000 of them. Well, the splendor is a consequence of the fact that such locks take up more volume than straight ones. But since the follicle is smaller, there are fewer sebaceous glands.

They, in turn, give off a sebaceous and protective secret that is distributed throughout the length of the strands and makes them shiny, healthy and strong, not allowing them to get into a messy state. So, hair curly girls are protected less. These are some special features you need to know in order to understand how to provide your curls with proper care, improve their condition and improve their health and beauty.

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