Caring Tips for Dry Curly Hair

Dry and curly hair can become a real disaster for their possessor. They crumble, break off at the tips, look shapeless and cause a lot of trouble in daily care and packing.

How to suppress unruly dry waves and give them a healthy appearance? To do this, you need to radically revise your hair care and include new procedures.

Curly hair is especially prone to dryness. Due to the heterogeneous wavy structure, the sebaceous secret is distributed unevenly along the length of the hair, the ends are deprived of protection and nutrition.

Oily scalp and roots in combination with dry break off tips a frequent occurrence among owners of curly locks.

The greatest benefit is the mask, if you hold it on your head for at least half an hour, and your head while warming it. Heat increases blood circulation so that the roots get food especially intensively.

Be sure to read the restraint instructions designed for hair masks and you may not need to keep them in your head for hours. In such masks, the concentration of nutrients is increased, and you risk getting the opposite effect if you overdo it.

The head massage is good because it promotes the intake of nutrients to the hair follicles. For greater efficiency of the procedure, apply to the fingertips vegetable oils (burdock, olive, linseed, peach).

Serum simultaneously moisturizes and heals hair, and also facilitates their easy laying. It combines the properties of balm, mousse, and mask will help to form beautiful curls.

The composition includes a conditioner-reductant, as well as other components that are aimed at hair restoration; extracts, proteins, oils, biopolymers, panthenol.

The components of the serum promote saturation of the scalp with oxygen, accelerate the growth of hair, improve their structure. Some serums are applied to the tips of the hair, while others (for example, directed against falling out) are placed on the roots.

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