Care for Dry Hair

Caring for dry hair is not an easy task, but if you do not give it time and energy, you can forget about the beautiful curls. Instead, owners of dry hair have a dull and brittle hair, which is difficult to impart volume. But do not be discouraged; we have selected for you several important tips and recommendations for solving this problem.

Dry hair can get to the girl from birth such a development of events can be expected if one of the parents had the same problem. With a genetic predisposition, it is almost impossible to fight, but this does not mean that properly selected procedures and care products will not help you.

Carry out an audit in the bathroom; if there are shampoos, balms and rinses, intended for normal or oily hair, down with them! To make the hairstyle look not so dull and lifeless, use only those cosmetics that are marked “for dry and very dry hair.”

Before washing your head, it will be useful to use oil masks. A small amount of olive or burdock oil should be rubbed into the hair and scalp, covered with a bathing cap or plastic bag on top and wrapped in a towel or put on a warm shawl. The mask should be held on the hair for about half an hour and washed off.

By the way, you can prepare different oil combinations for dry hair yourself. For example, you can mix vegetable oil with nettle and let it brew for seven days.

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