8 Tips to Take Care of All Types of Curly Hair

Anyone who has beautiful curls knows how the notion of curly hair is not enough to define all the types of curls that exist in the world of hair: from light undulations to very curly hair in the form of “s”, passing by the frizzy hair, whose loop takes the form of” z”, to each type of curly hair its adapted treatments. Here are 8 tips to know for all girls with curly hair !

All girls with curly hair know this: the unique curly hair care does not exist. Because there are as many types of curly hair as there are men in Taylor Swift’s life.

This is why we decided to make this technical data sheet of curly hair care, by type of curls !

Caring for Curly Hair in Corkscrews

  • Handle her hair with care.

As the name suggests, corkscrews take the form of the star aperitif tool. And the main characteristic of these loops is that they are very fragile and prone to frizz.

To pamper them, the first trick is to put the eternal bath towel in the closet. The rubbing of classic sponge pads damages and dries the lengths and tips. It is best to choose a 100% cotton fabric or a microfiber towel.

Result: softer friction, less frizz and less damage.

  • Excessive use of the dressing cream.

For this type of hair very fragile, it is essential to hydrate regularly and to limit to a minimum the heat of the hair dryer and straighteners.

For beautiful nourished hair and well-designed curls, a light styling cream is added to her hair routine.

Caring for Wavy Hair With Light Curls

  • Purify the scalp.

Wavy hair with light curls tends to collapse and lose its definition. And, contrary to popular belief, dealing with them with millions of fixative products does not solve the problem. On the contrary, it increases the lengths and blurs the loops.

The solution ? Use a purifying shampoo at least once a month to free the scalp from suffocating products and boost the natural volume of hair.

  • Add definition.

By nature, this type of loop tends to flatten. So they need to be textured. But that doesn’t mean that it is not necessary to moisturize (again) !

For “plumped” and brighter loops, you need a care that is both defining and moisturizing.

Tips for Tight Loops in the Shape of “S”

  • The best thing is to do as little as possible.

Generally, curly hair is naturally dry because its shape prevents the sebum from spreading quickly to the tips. Curly “s” hair, on the other hand (which has the shape of a scribble), retains moisture better than other types of curls.

There is no need to multiply the shea butter masks : to treat them from time to time with a care without rinsing is more than enough to preserve their natural shine.

  • Accentuate the loops.

The “s” loops are quite easy to handle, unlike their counterparts. So we enjoy it !

For explosive curls, simply prepare your hair before going to bed with a cream defining curls. Once the treatment is done, you twist your hair by section, tie it with fine elastic and go to bed.

And BAM ! Sublime balls in the morning when you wake up.

Taking Care of Frizzy Hair With “Z” Curls

  • Choose a suitable cut.

“Z” curls are characteristic of frizzy hair. Unlike “s” or corkscrew buckles, they have a more angular shape. As a result, they are even more fragile than normal and prone to breakage.

So you have to pay extra attention when you have this type of hair. And it goes through the haircut and the hairstyle we choose. Best to avoid styles that weaken the hair (African braids, hair pulled back, tortilles…) and give preference to natural African hair.

  • Have a light hand on moisturizing products.

It has been repeatedly stated in this article that the only key to curly hair is hydration. Well, here’s the exception : the z loops.

This type of loop is so delicate that too much hydration actually causes more breakage. Then the after-shampoo, yes, but too much, no ! Once a week at the most.

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