5 Tips For Caring For Curly Hair

Often dry and unruly, curly hair needs care to be tamed. Follow these easy tips to sublimate your pretty ripples.

1/ Hydrate and Nourish Its Lengths

Curly hair needs tailor-made care to remain shiny and must be hydrated regularly in order to strengthen the hair fiber. For this, make a moisturizing mask or bath of vegetable oil once a week, and for frizzy hair, opt for the vegetable oil of macadamia, excellent to draw the spring of the curls. Alternatively, you can make a homemade treatment with coconut milk and castor oil. Your hair will be glowing !

2/ Choose a Suitable Shampoo

You want to have nice curls without frizz ? Choose a gentle washing treatment to remove impurities and hairstyling residues without harming the hair fibre. To have nice wavy hair, it is best to space out your shampoos. Wash once or twice a week at the most. Otherwise, the protective barriers no longer have time to fight against the excess of sebum. Finally, when you wash your hair, it is not necessary to rub the scalp. Prefer a gentle massage to stimulate the growth.

3/ Disentangling Her Hair With a Wide Tooth Comb

As with straight hair, it is strongly discouraged to brush its wavy lengths when wet. To disentangle them, it is better to use a comb with large teeth so as not to destroy the structure of the loops. Choose a strong comb, preferably made of wood or horn. This highly resistant keratin material is also antistatic.

4/ Dry Your Hair Naturally

There is no secret, to have beautiful hair, you must bet on drying in the open air. In fact, even if they are very practical, electrical appliances mishandle the hair fiber. The heat from the hair dryer damages the material. As a result, hair becomes brittle, dull and fragile. After your shampoo, start by wringing them out in a cotton towel. It is not necessary to rub, just gently twist the towel to remove excess water. Once drained, apply a moisturizing serum to your lengths and leave them alone. An hour later, you will have beautiful loops perfectly drawn !

5/ Pampering Her Hair at Night

During the night, cells in our bodies regenerate faster. This is the perfect time to apply restorative care and nourishing masks. There are even masks to apply as a cap: on dry hair, just put the cream, then put on a cap. Throughout the night, the treatment works without staining the pillow. In the early morning after rinsing, the hair is soft and shiny. A real boost for curly hair !

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