3 Tips For Oily Curly Hair

Having beautiful curly hair is the dream of many of you. However, this hair is often difficult to comb and tame. Zoom in on a few tips to thin out thick, curly hair.

Thin out the thick, curly hair with an appropriate cut…

When you have thick hair, the first thing to do before avoiding the Mass Effect on the head is to de-fat it by choosing a suitable cut.

At home if you are comfortable with scissors and like to take risks or with a hairdresser, you will cut hair strands at different lengths. In this way, we create a gradient that will aerate the haircut and thin the hair.

To make this cut, however, specific scissors are used, namely tapered scissors, one side of which is serrated and thick. These scissors cut 15% of the hair, which allows to keep the shape of the hair but to lose in density and volume.

Thin out thick and curly hair by changing her routine of care…

To thin out thick and curly hair on a daily basis, we’re going to wash them in cold water rather than hot water. Indeed, the cold water will tighten the hair fiber, reduce frizz and volume and make hair smoother and therefore less thick.

If the idea of washing you with cold water bristle you hairs, choose the option to wash the hair separately. In the same way, thin out her hair, to wash less often. A daily shampoo makes dry, brittle hair and a bushy appearance with curly hair.

Wash your hair twice a week might give them time to rebalance and will enable easier styling over the weeks. To get the thinner hair, aside from the conditioners that tend to make them look thicker hair than they really are.

Instead, we opt for a care home by mixing apple cider vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Once you have washed your hair, spray the lotion on the hair before rinsing them. Once dry, the hair will be shiny and smooth and will have lost in thickness.

Thin out thick and curly hair in maintaining daily…

Curly or thick hair need care on a daily basis. Thanks to them, the hair will be revitalized and will appear thinner. So preferably care used with Shea butter, jojoba and avocado oil.

Their moisturizing properties will treat the thick hair that is often dry and brittle. These care will nourish, soften, hydrate and allow better hair.

To avoid the effect mass when Detangling, one chooses a specific untangler comb which in addition to a moisturizing mask or a Detangling lotion will help to detangle and discipline the hair.

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