3 Ideas For Curly Haircuts

Too bulky, too dry, too difficult to maintain… Curly hair is not popular. And yet, they can become a real seduction asset if you choose the right cut that will make you sexy ! Here are 3 ideas of hairstyles to make envy of your friends with impeccable blowouts!

The Gradient: The Charm Of Curly Hair

Indomitable your curly hair? The problem of this nature of hair is obviously the volume that tends to make them look like a lioness’s mane. Many women with fine and straight hair would give everything to have such a volume of hair! Learn to discipline them to reveal their attractiveness. Whether for a mid-length haircut type square, straight or plunging, or for a long cut, the gradient reduces the volume of your hair by thinning the latter to taper the lengths to give them the structure. By lightening the weight of your curly hair, your curls regain their suppleness and are thus better defined. The cut above the shoulders will bring lightness to your figure. The long and lighter cut will avoid bringing a “packed” appearance to your silhouette: play it the way diva red carpets with your gradient curly.

The Short Haircut: A Real Challenge For Curly Hair

With their tendency to go back and forth in all directions, hard to imagine that short cuts can be considered by a woman with curly hair. And yet, if your face lends itself to wearing short hair, why not try the adventure of an ultra feminine cut that will highlight your pretty frills? Whether it is above the ear or just the cut boy, many possibilities exist to change totally look. Depending on the contraction of your curls, it’s up to you to choose the ideal length without looking like a poodle. Keeping the length on the top of the head, dare the short cut at the back that will bring modernity to your face, the curls cascading tapered down on your forehead and your temples. In an ultra short version, get rid of a maximum of hair, the curly nature of your hair going back on the top of the head: play on the accessories (oversized earrings, scarves in the hair …) to accentuate your femininity.

Fringe: Play The Contrast Card

It is difficult to make a woman with curly hair accept the possibility of creating a bangs on her haircut. Short or long, degraded or straight, your curly haircut can be perfectly matched with a bang: just know how to enhance it. With your curly hair, difficult to discipline a fringe which, by definition, is at least one notch shorter than the rest of your hair. To avoid seeing it go up in the temples and giving you a decoiffed look, it is best to play the contrasts by brushing your bangs. There are special smoothing irons available for fringes : cheaper and smaller, they are perfect for smoothing a small part of your hair. By smoothing your bangs, you will add an added bonus to your curly hair: do not hesitate to put your bangs on one side of your forehead, or frame your face by separating it in two.

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