15 Different Ideas For Curly Hair Men 2018

Curly hair makes it possible to make very original hair cuts. If you want to take advantage of the rising trend for curly hairstyles 2018, you have to think about having curly hair a little long in order to be able to sublimate them. On the other hand, the hairstyle work on curly hair requires an approach quite different from other types of hair.
It is important to know that all hairdressers are not specialists of this type of hair, that is why this site allows to spread to the greatest number of hairstyles according to the type of hair of each one.
So here are some of the most trendy curly hairstyles for this year.

1. Long loops + Fringe

This cut is perfect if you have well textured curls. It allows to work the hair with a curly fringe accompanied by a nice gradient on the neck and sides. To give this beautiful texture to the curls, it is necessary to treat the hair with a product that allows to keep them in place without it becoming frizz.

2. Curls for semi-long hair

For men who have more rebellious and looser earrings, this style can be adopted. However, it is necessary to have the same length of hair everywhere and to perform a slight gradient at the neck. It will then be enough to pass a product that will keep the texture of the loops, which will be passed by hand to obtain this form.

3.Degraded High + Crop

The high gradient is an excellent option for curly hair. This cut allows to have a good length on the top making the Crop at the front and very short sides that will require only a minimum of maintenance.

4.Degraded to White + Stripe

Here we have a hairstyle with a lot of style, the top that is quite long and the sides very short. To separate the two parts, if it is not possible to do it with a comb, it is possible to opt for a straight razor. The white gradient gently disconnects the beard. An excellent hairstyle !

5.Average Gradient

This hair texture allows to have a very thick and curly cut. With this cut, you get a good volume reduction and you avoid the disconnected air that you have with the loops. However, it is necessary to have the hair long enough which will allow to give a nice look to the curls.

6.Long Curls

Having tight and slightly creamy curls requires that the hair be cut short enough. However, on this style, one can have a top with a good length and sides degraded so as to have small points that one will also find on the back of the neck.

7.Curly Hair + Degraded

Here, for the finish at the nape of the neck, a small point has been drawn.

8.Loops + Design

This gradient allows to have the bottom shaved up close, which allowed to trace geometric figures, the final result is really cool.

9.Long Curls + Degraded + Skate

This hairstyle is suitable for curly hair. We have a rounded gradient, the arched line allows, in this case, to emphasize this rounded aspect.

10.Man Bun Samurai

Here we have a Samurai Man Bun. It’s also a very cool way to wear curly hair. For this, we will have a high white gradient and a top that will be worked to have a ponytail at the back of the head.

11.Curly Fringe

Curly hair give their best when they are worn slightly messy. On this cut, the top has a good length with obvious buckles.

12.False Hawk + Degraded

This cut is sometimes called Frohawk. On the top, we have thus, well-furnished loops and on the sides, a graded texture that gradually fades.

13.Gradient temples + Neck

While many people opt for the style with the hair cut very short on the sides, on this cut one can dispense with this choice. Here, we have a gradient at the temples, and at the nape of the neck. This allows to have a well rounded profile and clean edges.

14.Headgear On The Side

This cut allows to have a lateral separation on one side that is perfect for curly hair.

15.How to Comb Curly Hair

Even if your hair has beautiful natural curls, it is necessary to comb them to improve them. This can be done with a simple curly hair product.
One of the secrets that allows to have quality curly hair is the sprinkling of saline solution in the hair.
Just put a little bit on slightly damp hair and spread it all over with your fingers. This allows to give a good definition to the hair, but also to ensure its good support for perfect loops all day long.

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